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About Us

The Company

Wattmon is our monitoring solution and is under Cynergy, a company devoted to making innovative products.  We are located in Auroville, South India and all our R&D and manufacturing happens in India.  Our core team has proficiency in multiple domains and has developed interesting software and products with real world applications.

We currently supply data loggers and remote monitoring solutions to over 25 countries around the globe.

The Core Team

Akash Heimlich

Executive & Founder

Akash Heimlich is the founder and executive. He grew up in India and co-founded Cynergy software in 1997.  He also co-founded EVFuture, an e-bike R&D company that developed a highly robust vehicle for Indian road conditions.  In 2013 he launched Wattmon.  He has been a programmer from a very early age, and always spent his free time reading electronics and software design books.  He has extensive knowledge about software, networking technologies, embedded development and energy monitoring.

Ruchir Sharma


 "I also grew up in India."

Joshua Trulson

Head Support