Cell Phone Tower

Monitoring cell phone towers is simple with Wattmon - just plug it in to your battery bank at the tower, install the 3G dongle, and monitor the system from anywhere. Wattmon sensors can monitor individual cell voltages, ambient temperature,  and will calculate the state of charge of the battery bank. You can set triggers to email the administrator of system problems, or even to switch on a generator or charger when required.

Typically this could be used for 24V or 48V battery banks, but higher voltages can be monitored using the A5S1 module.

Data can be accessed directly from the Wattmon device, or exported to a server of your choice on a regular basis.  We also provide a paid subscription service which will collect your data and make it available online on the Wattmon server - contact us for pricing if you are interested.

Wattmon Add On Devices