Monitoring and Control Platform for the Internet of Things

Wattmon is a multi-purpose data logger and automation device that can be used in a wide variety of applications from solar and battery logging to irrigation and even home automation.

This product is no longer available, please purchase the WattmonPRO instead.


  • Built in web server and local data storage, easily accessible via a local LAN or remotely through the Internet.
  • Highly modular allowing you to easily interface with additional sensors and relays for control
  • Logs sensor readings and provides daily and monthly graphs of data.
  • Powerful customization without the need for a single line of programming
  • Does not require a permanent internet connection for data logging



10-60V DC input
Power Consumption
< 2W
Power, USB (Host), MODBUS RTU over RJ-45, Ethernet over RJ-45
10Mbit Ethernet, GPRS or 3G (via USB Dongle)
PIC32MX795 PIC Controller
Operating System
WattmonOS, with PHP compatible scripting language


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View By Application

Keeps track of remaining capacity and battery health.
Interface with Power meters to log AC energy
Control devices around your home or company automatically.
Automate your water pumping and monitor flow & tank levels
Monitor solar energy production
Monitor wind production and control dump loads automatically
Measure temperature and parameters remotely
Monitor cell phone tower batteries and automate charging