75A Dual Channel Hall Effect Current Sensor Module

The C752 Current Sensor module has two hall effect current transducers that measure up to 75A DC (bidirectional) on each channel. Each channel is measured with a 12-bit analog to digital converter, giving readings of an accuracy of about 60 mA over the full range of 150 Amps (75 in either direction). Digital low pass filtering is used to average the value to reduce noise.

This module is typically used to measure solar energy produced on channel and load on the second channel. Multiple modules can be integrated into a single Wattmon setup when measuring additional sources such as wind or multiple panels or loads.

Please note that this product will be phased out shortly in favor of the C1002 Dual Current Sensor sensor, so please contact us before placing an order to ensure that stock is available.





2 x Hall Effect Sensors, bidirectional
Max 75A per channel
2 RJ-45 with Modbus RTU protocol
Modbus RTU over Rs-485


Connection Diagram

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