Solar Energy Monitoring

In off-grid setups, monitoring solar panel production is essential to ensure that sufficient energy has been stored in your battery bank for use at night. Wattmon keeps track of watts produced and watts consumed, and calculates the remaining battery capacity.

Wattmon has built-in features for battery monitoring, and with a few configuration settings you can keep track of a battery bank with voltages ranging from 12V DC to over 300V DC. For low voltages below 60V DC (a 48V battery bank) Wattmon can be directly connected to the batteries via the cable provided, and voltages will be measured from the same cable. For higher voltages and additional voltage sense module such as the IP1 or A5S1-300 is required.

If you plan to use Wattmon in a hybrid setup with a grid charge option, you can use the Hybrid kit and connect an I3O2 module with relay to your main grid charger. A simple action manager lets you set triggers to configure when the battery should start charging.

Wattmon is the perfect remote monitoring platform for DC solar energy and allows you to keep track of production in the field using a low cost 3G dongle.  Solar installers can benefit from this product and save travel time by easily monitoring their client's installations from the comfort of their office.  With regular follow up it is very easy to identify potential problems before the cause real trouble.

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