Solar Water Pumping

Wattmon can be used to remotely monitor and control pumps and water tanks based on water level sensors or volumetric flow sensors.   This is a total solution for rural off grid monitoring, which has recently become a requirement for all solar pumps over 500W in the MNRE policy for India.  The Wattmon Solar Water Pumping solution is an affordable ready made product that can be retroffited into existing solar pumping setups and provides logged data via GPRS or 3G.   This solution can interface with various sensors and power meters to provide AC energy, DC energy and water flow information depending on the requirements.  It can also include automation such as diverting solar power to backup batteries when pumping is not required.

Suggested Modules

We would suggest using the Wattmon master module and an I3O2 module with tank level float sensors to automate the process. Please contact us for more details about how to set this up for your needs.

We are going to develop this section further with more details shortly, please check back soon.

Wattmon Add On Devices