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 ======Software====== ======Software======
-This section will contain documentation about software that is offered with the [[hardware:​wattmons|Wattmons]]. It will include further information ​on:+The Wattmon devices run on our proprietary operating system, called the WattmonOS, which is written in C and uses the FreeRTOS task scheduler. It features an interpreter that can process uPHP, our custom scripting language based on PHP. The WattmonOS is best described into two parts – the firmware layer and the application layer. The firmware layer is embedded on the Wattmon flash memory, whereas the application layer is stored on a microSD card. The firmware reads configuration files at power-up off the microSD card and initialises the system accordingly. 
-  * The firmware ​that is flashed to the embedded memory of the [[hardware:​wattmons|Wattmons]] +This section contains documentation about the software ​that is offered with the [[hardware:​wattmons|Wattmons]]. It is further categorized as:
-  * The WattmonOS or Operating System files that are stored on the SD Card +
-  * And some other notes on the cloud portal services that are available+
-====Coming soon!==== +  * The [[software:wattmonos|WattmonOS]] or Operating System files that are stored ​on the microSD Card. 
- +  * The firmware that is flashed to the embedded memory of the Wattmon data loggers. 
-{{wiki:dokuwiki-128.png|We're working ​on it!}}We'​re working ​on it now, check back soon, as the information you need might be here then!+  * And some other notes on the cloud portal services that are available.