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 </​code>​ </​code>​
-The above example will output: 
-Key at Index 0 is name and value is John 
-Key at Index 1 is age and value is 30 
-Key at Index 2 is status and value is 1 
 ====See Also==== ====See Also====
-[[array()]] - Create an <​html><​b><​span style="​color:​green">​array<​span style="​color:​black"></​b></​html>​, with optional values+[[indexed_array()]] - Create an indexed ​<​html><​b><​span style="​color:​green">​array<​span style="​color:​black"></​b></​html>​
-[[array_keys()]] - Return keys for an <​html><​b><​span style="​color:​green">​array<​span style="​color:​black"></​b></​html>​ that has key/value pairs 
-[[sizeof()]] - Return the number of elements in an <​html><​b><​span style="​color:​green">​array<​span style="​color:​black"></​b></​html>​ 
-[[print_r()]] - Dump the contents of an <​html><​b><​span style="​color:​green">​array<​span style="​color:​black"></​b></​html>​ to the current output 
-[[uphp:​variables|uPHP Variable Types and Limits]]