What is Wattmon

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What is Wattmon

Postby admin » Sun Sep 20, 2015 4:25 am

Here is a short post about the Wattmon for newbies. Wattmon is a PIC32 based microcontroller platform that can be used for a variety of data logging and control tasks. It has a web server and scripting language based on PHP, making it easy for anyone with web programming skills to modify it. Everything is editable using a browser based editor, and the device does not require any internet connectivity to operate. Lots of time and energy have gone into developing a modern and user friendly interface that lets non programmers customise the device to their needs.
The limitations on ram prevent memory hungry programs from running without some special forethought, but an amazing amount of things can happen on a tiny processor with 128k of ram! It runs FreeRTOS and can handle between two and three scripts executing simultaneously. It has a telnet console that lets you run your custom scripts from, and has many standard terminal command around in a *nix environment,
Web scripts can access GET and POST as well as SESSION variables. Inter-process communication is achieved using a GLOBALS array of variables.
Accessing custom devices over RS232 or RS485 can be done through scripts using file functions such as fread and fwrite. For more information on the programmer documentation, visit the knowledge Center on the website.

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Re: What is Wattmon

Postby Jeffrey » Tue Feb 21, 2017 11:26 am

The programming information is being improved daily now. The new information is currently located at http://wattmon.com/dokuwiki
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