Wattmon Cloud Portal

The Wattmon EMS cloud portal service is an online tool that enables users to access all their Wattmon devices in one place, regardless of whether the internet connection on the Wattmon allows inbound access.

The portal allows you to create fully customized dashboards using interactive widgets such as graphs, bar charts, pie charts and grid views.  Data points from multiple devices can be graphed as shown in the following examples below from some of our customers.

Above: Solar Grid Tie system with two inverters and a power meter


Above: Multiple power meters a different sites with energy breakup


Above: Demo site with multiple battery banks at various locations along with genset and other equipment


Above: This is a weather station with several sensors such as irradiation, temperature and humidity


Above: This is monitoring a hydroponic farm and PH/TDS as well as temperature and nutrient tank levels

The cloud portal requires a yearly subscription per device. For more information please contact us.