PYRA300 Solar Irradiation Sensor

The Solar Radiation Sensor, or solar pyranometer, measures global radiation, the sum
at the point of measurement of both the direct and diffuse components of solar
irradiance. The sensor’s transducer, which converts incident radiation to electrical
current, is a silicon photodiode with wide spectral response. From the sensor’s output
voltage, the console calculates and displays solar irradiance. It also integrates the
irradiance values and displays total incident energy over a set period of time.
The outer shell shields the sensor body from thermal radiation and provides an airflow
path for convection cooling of the body, minimizing heating of the sensor interior. It
includes a cutoff ring for cosine response, a level indicator, and fins to aid in aligning the
sensor with the sun’s rays. The space between the shield and the body also provides a
runoff path for water, greatly reducing the possibility of rain- or irrigation-water
entrapment. The diffuser is welded to the body for a weather-tight seal; it provides an
excellent cosine response. The transducer is an hermetically-sealed silicon photodiode
with integrated amplifier . Spring-loaded mounting screws, in conjunction with the level
indicator, enable rapid and accurate leveling of the sensor. Each sensor is calibrated
against a secondary standard Pyranometer in natural daylight.

Operating Temperature : -40° to +65° C
Storage Temperature : -45° to +70°C
Transducer : Silicon photodiode
Spectral Response : 400 to 1100 nanometers
Cosine Response
Percent of Reading : ±3% (0° to ±70° ), ±10% (±70° to ±85° )
Percent of Full Scale : ±2% (0° to ±90°)
Temperature Coefficient : + 0.12% per °C
Reference temperature : 25°C
Housing Material : UV-resistant PVC plastic
Weight : 250 g
Range : 0 to 1800 W/m2
Accuracy : ±5% of full scale
Drift : up to ±2% per year
Output : 0 to 3 VDC (0- 1800 w/m2)
Power supply : 5 VDC


This device can be interfaced directly with the WattmonPRO or with the A5S1

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Connection Diagram