WattmonMINI is an embedded data logging and control system designed for Modbus RTU devices.

Wattmon is a versatile platform which can be configured for countless applications. The inbuilt web server provides all of the tools necessary to customize the device. No programming is required to set up actions based on various triggers, which can output modbus commands, send emails and more.

The WattmonMINI was discontinued in November 2019 - For the latest model refer to the WattmonMINI2

WattmonMINI Datasheet

Power Requirement

WattmonMINI comes with an inbuilt AC adapter, making it possible to power it from any AC outlet between 80 and 240V AC. It consumes less than 2 watts of power without accessory devices.


WattmonPRO has two ways of connecting to the Internet. The built-in LAN can be connected directly to a laptop or router, and is used for setup and local monitoring. The USB Host port works with a selected number of USB Cellular dongles, allowing both outbound and inbound data via the Internet. Although we provide instructions on configuring your local dongle, not all of them work. Need a compatible USB dongle for remote monitoring? Use one of our Huawei dongles, the E303F or E3531

Hardware Features

Modbus RTU (RS-485)

An RS-485 Modbus RTU interface is built in and Wattmon acts as a Modbus master to collect data from various devices such as inverters, power meters, current sensors, etc.


Pinout Diagram


Typical Application Diagrams


See how Wattmon works for Inverter Monitoring Inverter Monitoring.

For more information, see the WattmonMINI Datasheet