New Wattmon Coming Soon

We are excited to announce a new version of Wattmon coming soon!  The new Wattmon will have the same feature set as the existing one, with some additional onboard IO ports: 4 digital inputs (opto isolated), 4 digital outputs (open collector), one relay output, 3 analog inputs (one 0-330V DC, 2 0-5V), one RS-232 Serial port, and one Onewire port in addition to the existing modbus port.  The device will be enclosed in a DIN rail mountable box with screw terminals for quick mounting in industrial environments.
This will reduce the overall cost of creating a simple automation solution such as tank control, automated inverter charging, communication with inverters over RS-232, etc.  Estimated launch date is mid-november 2014.

We are also releasing a single phase power meter module to measure up to 16A AC and provide data over modbus.  This is not a standalone power meter but requires a connection to Wattmon for power and data.  Parameters obtained are: Voltage, current, watts, frequency, kWh

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