Introducing the WattmonMINI

After over a year of selling the WattmonPRO, we have gathered feedback from many users and improved many things.  The WattmonPRO solution can handle a wide variety of requirements, from battery monitoring to grid tie solar monitoring, or even just as a data transport mechanism between an inverter and a web portal. 

It became clear that a smaller product with less features designed for the sole purpose of collecting data over RS-485 and transmitting it to the web would be a good complementary product to the WattmonPRO.  Thus the Wattmon MINI was born.

This device has a much smaller form factor, and is DIN rail mountable.  It measures 112 mm x 40 mm and can fit in any standard DIN enclosure box or panel.  We have integrated the AC power supply, so you just need to connect two wires to the L & N terminals to get it up and running.  The RS-485 Modbus RTU port is similarly exposed as a terminal block unlike with the WattmonPRO, and you need to run two wires (A & B) between your device and the MINI.

Apart from this, the web interface and functionality is identical to that of the PRO.  You can use the standard Huawei E303 or E3531 dongle to connect to the Internet with a sim card of your choice, and you can access the device remotely through our proxy server or upload data to our cloud server.  If you wish to push data to your own server, you can do that too.

We are still in the early stages of production but if you are interested, please do get in touch with us.

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