Data logging

I always find data fascinating. It gives me an insight into the overall functioning of a system. Data can be used to make intelligent decisions based on past events or trends. Data gives us visual graphs of performance and often a single glance at a group of data points presented the right way gives us a wealth of information.

Wattmon captures data on current and voltage input and load, and logs average values on a per-minute basis. Wattmon also computes battery capacity every minute and updates internal registers. It also has a system log for events of importance. All these collected data points can be used at any point to figure out the system state of both wattmon and the solar setup and battery bank. A battery status Graph immediately shows you the lowest and highest state of charge throughout the day making it simple to see if your batteries are either too depleted or too quickly charged.

Battery Status

Battery Status Graph per day

Solar Input Graph

Solar Input Graph per day showing KWh generated

Load Graph and Main Charge

Load and grid charge graph showing reduced charge hours compared to before

The solar and inverter graphs show watts generated and consumed throughout the day with a kwh total. Wattmon has helped me personally reduce my grid energy consumption at the cynergy office. I have a 1kw solar array and two 180 ah batteries. My inverter cum grid charger was always connected to the grid, meaning that my batteries were always full and the solar power was totally wasted. In addition, I was being billed for all my usage of energy. Within one day of installing wattmon it was evident that I had sufficient solar energy to run my office totally off the grid most of the time. The wattmon device communicates with a wattmon relay to switch on and off the grid charger when required. I have set it so my battery never depletes below 10% (it is at 90% state of charge) which will give me a longer life. So generally at night my relay charges the batteries for half an hour or so, and this may happen a few times during every night. So I have cut my reliance on the grid almost completely thanks to wattmon.

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