Wattmon as a platform

This blog so far has covered both hardware and software aspects of wattmon. I have tried to give potential developers a good idea of what is under the hood. I see potential for usage in many different fields.

  • As an educational tool, wattmon is an easy way to learn programming concepts. Just plug in the wattmon box, bring up a browser and start coding using the built in editor.
  • As a data logger: plug in your own sensors to the wattmon box using any modbus compliant hardware and write a simple logger script that stores your data as a csv file.
  • As a home automation server: read inputs from around the house through modbus compliant devices or wattmon sensors and switch on or off loads based on that data. Schedule cron jobs to run your custom scripts to control devices at specific times.
  • As a PLC: Control a machine through inputs and output of Wattmon.
  • As a small embedded web server: put small files and scripts that you want access to without having to boot up your server. That could be your excel sheet, HTML website, or even PHP code adapted to run on wattmon.

There are countless possibilities and as a developer you would need to customise it to your requirements. It does not have the flexibility of an embedded Linux computer but it also not intended to compete with it. Wattmon provides a stable scripting engine with web preinstalled web server and data collection mechanism, making it easy to focus on the task you want to accomplish rather than how to install a web server and how to interface with modbus.

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