Aquaponics and Wattmon


I have been interested in aquaponics for several years and built a variety of systems using off the shelf components. The largest system consisted of a 6000 liter fish tank and 5000 liters of grow beds. This was much larger than our first system which was a small tank with just a few beds. One of the big challenges in an aquaponics system is to keep the water running smoothly to oxygenate the water and to provide nutrients for the plants. In south India we face terrible power cuts lasting for hours at a time, and that means that everything needs to run off batteries.  I plan to customise wattmon for aquaponics systems that can run off a single solar panel and small battery. I want to integrate flow sensors, relays, ph meters, temperature sensors and solenoids to log and control the system fully making it more robust and at the same time easy to monitor from anywhere. I believe that aquaponics holds great potential for urban farming and although our tests have not yielded huge amounts of crops, I would like to continue with the research. I will be posting pictures of the system as it gets developed, but the idea is to make an electronic kit that can be installed on any aquaponics system to understand the system better and respond to problems more quickly. For some pictures of our greenhouse check out
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