Upgrading your firmware

Upgrading your Wattmon Firmware

1. Download the latest firmware from http://www.wattmon.com/downloads/
2. Unzip this file into a folder on your computer, the file inside the zip is called image.hex
3. Log into your wattmon device through your browser.
4. On the System menu, click on File manager.
5. Click add files which is a button at the top right side.
6. Now click the choose file or add file button (the label will change on different browsers.
7. Wait for the file to upload. This will take about 30 seconds, and a small text will appear below the button saying: uploaded images.hex... Ok
8. On the system menu, click Firmware Update and wait about one minute.
9. Reopen your wattmon link and log in again. At the bottom of the main page you will see the new firmware version.
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