General Update


The first 10 boards of the new batch have finally arrived after numerous delays with the courier company. I have assembled and tested the first one and I am happy with the results. A couple of parts could still be optimised but all in all I am ready for the first run of fifty boxes.
This week the first wattmon went online in Thailand! So now there are 9 wattmons running and logging data.

Website Updates

I have also updated the website to provide more privacy to people, now you need to register and log in to see your own wattmon device.

Wattmon Updates

Wattmon now has a package manager which facilitates the process of updating to the latest version of the software. The wattmonSolar 1.03 package will be in the download area shortly along with instructions for upgrading. Once you have installed the 1.03 the package manager will be integrated, making it easy to upgrade in future.

Wattmon over 3G

I have optimised the wattmon interface to work over 3G and GPRS modems, making it easy to set up a remote data logger with decent performance. A new user Interface page in the control panel allows you to switch this feature on.

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