Wattmon 1.60 and Pricing

It has been a while since the last post, how time flies. The next 50 devices are in production and will be ready soon. Pricing has been fixed at 12600 INR including tax, in USD that is $230. This includes one wattmon device, one modbus dual current sensor, and power and Ethernet cables. Online ordering will soon be possible.

The new firmware version 1.60 has added several features, most important of which is the integrated actions support. This means that actions which are triggered will work more reliably and not consume too many system resources. Actions are used to control things or inform you of system errors. WattmonSolar 1.06 is also available for download. This also has a few tweaks and new features such as improved graphing with an additional option to count zero and non zero values for any graph able data item. This makes it simple to view the number of hours of sunlight on your panels or the number of hours an appliance was run for in a day.

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