Blogging and Burnout Syndrome

It's been a while since you have heard from me, I know... This is due to a couple of things, but mainly because I think I started off on the wrong foot.
Blogging is new for me, and I now know that I hadn't taken the time required to understand how to go about reaching you and giving you interesting content that isn't too dry - I was a little to focused on  giving you the info textbook style.

Let's try again, shall we?

When you work alone on anything for extended periods, you have to figure out how to pace yourself to not burn out. I think you must all understand that particular feeling, or the hints of burn out syndrome.  Couldn't be bothered answering your mail? Not interested in reaching your users? Don't even want to think about all those new features you were so excited about just a short while ago? That's classic signs of impending burn out syndrome!

Anyone is susceptible to this dreaded disease, but some are more likely to catch it than others. If you are a one person show, and you rely on yourself for everything - and more importantly you are the one investing in yourself to start your own successful business, meaning you are essentially working for free - then you are at high risk!

I won't go so far as to say that I reached that state but I have learned over the past years to acknowledge the signs and take measures to not cross the point of no return!  My method is to work on something different for a bit, learn something new, or take a short break. This can be very tough if you are a highly mental person with self imposed deadlines and stresses, but once you step back things always take on a different perspective, and seem more colorful and interesting again.  I know that not everyone enjoys the freedom I have by being self employed, but I do hope that if you are feeling stressed and approaching burn out you will take the steps needed to avoid it!

I would be happy to hear your comments if you have gone through similar experiences.

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