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REI 2016

Come by and visit us at stall number L10 during REI 2016 at Greater Noida.  We will be happy to share the exciting stuff we have been working on this year, including the new Wattmon Mini which we will be launching at the fair as well as our new WattmonPRO 2 data loggers that are nearing completion.

Our cloud based portal is also nearly ready and will have plenty of exciting new features.

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Wattmon News

Auroville, April 2, 2016

Over the past few months we have been rather silent, slowly working on improving the stability of the Wattmon products and developing the WattmonMINI, our low cost all-in-one solution for remote monitoring Modbus devices such as inverters or power meters.

The WattmonMINI is available in small volumes at present - please contact us for more information.

We have also started work on the WattmonPRO2, which will be using a more powerful processor tha has 4x the memory, allowing the device to do more and collect more data.


We have developed a pH and TDS modbus module for people looking to monitor water quality in hydroponic systems using the Wattmon.  We currently have a Wattmon system controlling our rooftop hydroponic NFT system and automatically regulating acidity, nutrient strength and water level.  For those of you interested in automated hydroponic farming, get in touch with us and we can send you more information.

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Wattmon @ RE2015

Come visit us at stall C18 at the Renewable Energy Expo 2015 from Sept 23-25 this year in Greater Noida!

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