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Calibrating Current Sensors



                                                       Application Note: Calibrating Current Sensors


When installing a new current sensor, either the C752 or C252 Dual Channel Current Sensors, it will need to be calibrated so that the current readings are accurate. This will need to be done before the current sensor device is installed with the cables running through it. To do so, go to the Control Panel and then Devices.  A page listing the devices currently being used with the master module should appear like in Figure 1. Click on the "Action" button, found on the far right, that corresponds to the current sensor module that is listed and needs to be calibrated. Choose "Calibrate" from the drop down tab as in Figure 1 below.


Fig. 1: Device Listing

A warning box will appear, click "Continue." The Calibrate Device page will appear (shown in Figure 2 below). Near the bottom of the page there will be a section called Read Only Registers. Check the number listed as Raw ADC current 1 reading; in Figure 2, it is listed as 2072. Enter this value into the box labelled as Offset to 0 current Sensor 1 in the Read/Write Registers section. This will change the current being read at the moment to 0. The value of Current 1 in Read Only Registers should now read 0. Do the same for the value listed as Raw ADC current 2 reading and enter the value into the Offset to 0 current Sensor 2 box. Click "Apply Changes," the button near the top right, and now your current sensor will be calibrated.


Fig. 2 Calibrate Device