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IF1 Module & Anemometer

                                                                      Application Note: IF1 Module with Anemometer


The IF1 module can be interfaced with an anemometer to provide a "counter" that can then be translated into calculating a wind speed. The IF1 module is used to count frequencies / pulses.

To set up the IF1 module with the anemometer, connect one of the wires from the anemometer to the 5V pin and the second wire to the Pulse pin. A pull-up resistor will need to be placed with one end in the 5V pin and the other end in the GND pin. A 2.2 kOhm or 10 kOhm resistor should work. Refer to Figure 1 below.

Fig. 1: IF1 & Anemometer Set Up

If the IF1 module has not yet been scanned into the online portal then plug the module into either the device port of the master module or into either of the bottom ports of any other module that is connected to the master module. Go to Control Panel > Devices > Add > Quick Scan Wired Bus for New Devices. The IF1 module should then appear.

There should already be a role created called Frequency Input. Edit the role so that it appears on the dashboard. The IF1 module can count the number of times a fan blade (or similar object) passes through the anemometer. This will be recorded and displayed in the Frequency Input role. The number shown will be the number of times the blade passes per second.