This page contains a comprehensive list of the 3rd-party modules, sensors, devices and accessories that we have sourced from other manufacturers, sold, customized or recommended for the Wattmons. It will contain links to documentation for each of them.

The WattmonOS contains drivers for all of these devices, many of them with automatic detection and configuration. The currently available devices are at the top of the list. Below those, the discontinued or obsolete items are listed, for the purpose of providing documentation for those that own them and are yet using them, and as a demonstration of the many potential applications for the Wattmon.1)

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E3531HSPA+ Mobile USB DongleHuaweiAvailable
E3372LTE Mobile USB DongleHuaweiAvailable
DS18B201-Wire Temperature Sensor Available
PYRA-300Solar Radiation Sensor / Pyranometer Available
WS-102Wind Speed Sensor / Anemometer Available
WD-150Wind Direction Sensor Available
AeroConeRain Collector and Measurement SensorDavisAvailable
E303FMobile USB DongleHuaweiNLS, replaced with E3531 or E3372
NEO-6MUblox GPS Module NLS
RainewTipping Bucket Rain Gauge SensorRainWiseNLS
SDM6303-Phase Bidirectional Power MeterEastronNLS
Custom Waterproof Decal Stickers and Warning SignsWattmonInquire

Perhaps you don't see your device in this list? It might be one of the many RS-485 Modbus RTU devices we manufacturer that are listed in Modules.

1) Some of the devices are no longer stocked because they were replaced with a better device. Others have been dropped for other reasons, sometimes lack of orders. Please contact us if your application could benefit from the use of any of the discontinued items: we will consider sourcing more of them again to fill a special order if there is enough potential demand.