C1002s Current Sensor Module

C1002sThe C1002s 100A Current Sensor Module is one of the Modbus-compatible modules that can be used to measure bidirectional DC currents up to 100A and is ideal for off-grid setups. Using one channel to measure solar current and one channel for load current, it is possible to create a coulomb counting based algorithm to accurately estimate battery capacity.

The current transformers are a bidirectional, hall effect, open loop device based on the measuring principle of the hall effect, with a galvanic isolation between primary and secondary circuit. It provides accurate electronic measurement of DC currents in the range of 0—±150. The loop hole size is 21 mm.

It can be configured and controlled by any Modbus RTU master device over RS-485.

The C1002s Module can be used for any application in monitoring DC Current, such as:

  • Battery Monitoring - Measure charge/discharge current for batteries
  • Panel Monitoring - Measure current output of solar panels
  • Pump Monitoring - Measure current output of pump VFD

Overview - Introduction to the features of the C1002s