A10 ADC Module

A10The A10 10-Channel ADC Module is one of the Modbus-compatible modules that can be used to measure up to 10 individual DC voltages in relation to the common ground rail. This can be used to measure a large number of items, such as individual battery voltages in a 48V pack, or to measure high voltage battery banks of up to 300V DC, and also the DC voltage from a solar panel.

It can be configured and controlled by any Modbus RTU master device over RS-485.

The A10 Module can be used for any application in monitoring DC Voltages, such as:

  • Battery Monitoring - Measure individual cell voltages for larger battery banks
  • High-Voltage Monitoring - Measure high-voltage batteries or solar panels
  • Sensor Monitoring - Measure instrumentation or analog weather sensors

Overview - Introduction to the features of the A10