The mostversatileflexibleuser friendlydata logger in the industry.

Wattmon MEGA2-4G

Wattmon MEGA2-4G is one of the most powerful and full-featured data loggers and control devices in our portfolio. This model has a powerful microcontroller on board with 32MB of RAM providing optimal performance and stability.  With 2 onboard RS-485 ports and 4 digital inputs, this is a great option for LAN-based monitoring or remote monitoring using the inbuild LTE module.

Wattmon is a versatile platform which can be configured for countless applications. The inbuilt web server provides all of the tools necessary to customize the device. No programming is required to set up actions based on various triggers, which can control I/O lines, send emails and more.

  • 32MB RAM
  • 16GB MicroSD card
  • 64  Modbus Slave devices
  • 20 Modbus TCP channels
  • Digital I/O support (see Hardware)
  • Script execution using uPHP
  • Built in web server
  • Data logging in CSV format
  • Easy configuration wizard
  • SNMP Support with traps
  • SMTP Support (with TLS)
  • TCP/IP Socket Support (TCP & UDP)
  • HTTP/HTTPS Support
  • FTP/SFTP Client Support
  • MQTT/MQTTS Support
  • SNTP/TIME Support
  • Modbus RTU/TCP Support
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